Mt. Cook, Mt. Tasman and Fox Glacier reflected in Lake Matheson. Credit: Andrew Turner,  Shot on 2011-12-14 Photo taken in , Mount Cook Village, Mackenzie District, New Zealand.(c) Andrew Turner, licensed under: CC BY 2.0.
Mt. Cook, Mt. Tasman and Fox Glacier reflected in Lake Matheson. Credit: Andrew Turner, Shot on 2011-12-14 Photo taken in , Mount Cook Village, Mackenzie District, New Zealand.(c) Andrew Turner, licensed under: CC BY 2.0.


New Zealand

North Island

Mount Taranaki (Egmont)-39.296111111174.063888892518
Extinct volcano located on the Northern island. Sacred mountain of the Maoris.

Southern Alps

Two Thumb Range

Mount Chevalier-43.569166667170.651388892404
Mount Chevalier, ,
First ascent
J Harrison, B Waterhouse, L G Osborne, B H Williams

The Canterbury Westland Alps

Adams Range
Newton Peak-43.316388889170.716944442543
Newton Peak, ,
First ascent
H W (Sandy) Cormack, Lloyd Wilson, Sidney (Archie) Wiren
Mount Lambert-43.291111111170.743611112430
Mount Lambert, ,
First ascent
Fred Kitchingham, Charles Ward, Lawrence Gooch
Mount Farrar-43.310555556170.656666672424
Mount Farrar, ,
First ascent
Lloyd Divers, Gordon Edwards, Russell Edwards, Ernie Smith
Butler Range
Lauper Peak-43.226944444170.947777782485
Lauper Peak, ,
First ascent
John D. Pascoe, AF Pearson, HA McDowall, HM Sweeney
Willberg Range
Mount Kensington-43.291388889170.638888892444
Mount Kensington, ,
First ascent
LW Boot, IW Tucker and H Andrewes
Cloudy Peak Range
Trireme Peak NW-43.365170.70752403
Trireme Peak NW, ,
First ascent
Jim Dawson, Christopher Johnson, Scott Russell
Mount Evans-43.185555556170.925833332620
Mount Evans, ,
First ascent
N Barker, GDT Hall
Malcolm Peak-43.299722222170.816944442512
Malcolm Peak, ,
First ascent
W. McBeth, R. Booth, W. Baker, C. Hilgendorf, R. & D. Twyneham


Mount Awful-44.14115169.062512192
The Weta Walk. NZ3; 17.

Mount Cook Area

Mount Cook
Mount Cook (Aoraki)-43.595170.142222223754
  • High Peak (3754m-43.595170.14222222)
  • Middle Peak (3717m)
  • Low Peak (3593m)
Mount Cook (or Aorangi, Maori for "cloud piercer") is the highest mountain of New Zealand's wild Southern Alps. Mount Cook is a complex mountain with several summits, ridges and faces. Highest summit is North or High Peak (3754m with Middle Peak (3717m) to the south of main peak and Low Peak (3593m) further south being the two other main summits. 2000m high Carolina Face (SE) between East Ridge (of Middle Peak) and Zurbriggen (main NE Ridge) is probably the most striking feature. On the other side of the mountain Sheila (NW) and Hooker (SW) Faces are also very impressive. Its European name was bestowed in 1851, in honour of Captain James Cook. The true summit collapsed in 1991, thus the mountain is now few meters lower than it used to be (which tells a lot about the quality of the rock in the area).
Mount Cook, North Ridge,
First ascent
North Ridge: George Graham, Jack Clark & Tom Fyfe
Mount Cook, Zurbriggen's Ridge,
First ascent
Zurbriggen's Ridge: Edward Fitzgerald & Mattias Zurbriggen
Mount Cook, West Ridge,
First ascent
West Ridge: Peter Graham & Henrik Sillem
Mount Cook, Linda glacier,
First ascent
Linda glacier: Jack Clarke, Jim Murphy, Hugh Chambers, & Hugh Wright
Mount Cook, East Ridge,
First ascent
East Ridge: Dan Bryant & Lud Mahan
Mount Cook, South Ridge,
First ascent
South Ridge: Harry Ayres, Ruth Adams, Ed Hillary & Mick Sullivan
Mount Cook, Earles route,
First ascent
Earles route: Barcham, Herron, McCallum & Tornquist
Mount Cook, Clit,
First ascent
Clit: John Glasgow & Peter Cough
Mount Cook, Denz,
First ascent
Denz: Bill Denz
  • Top Climbs pp.100-103
Sheila face
Hooker face
Porter col. Ice, NZ3/AD; 1200.
Challenging climbing through steep gullies on the south Face to Porter's Col (3545m, NZ3), the low point between the Low Peak and Middle Peak. Then traverse over Middle Peak to high summit (NZ 4-/4). Often combined with a descent via Linda Glacier to Plateau hut.
Earles route. Ice, NZ4/4+; 50; 1200m. 1956-01-01First ascentBarcham, Herron, McCallum & Tornquist, 1956.
Access to Upper Empress Shelf via Earle's Gap. 2-3 pitches of mixed climbing at the bottom, then 50 degree ice field directly to the high peak.
Grand traverse via NW Couloir. Ice, NZ5; 2000m.
Long, classic ridge traverse starting from Gardiner Hut (1760m) on Hooker glacier (SW side). To the summit ridge via Nortwest Couloir of Low Peak (3593m). From there traverse of the entire summit ridge over Middle Peak (3717m) to main summit and descent over Linda Glacier route to Plateau Hut (2200m).
West Ridge. NZ3+/4/AD+; 2000m. 1906-03-01First ascentPeter Graham & Henrik Sillem, 1906-03.
South face
South Ridge. Mixed, NZ4-/D-. 1948-01-01First ascentHarry Ayres, Ruth Adams, Ed Hillary & Mick Sullivan, 1948-01.
Rock often very loose.
Original. NZ4/D.
White Dream. NZ5/TD.
Carolina Face (SE Face)
Denz. Ice, NZ5-/TD; 60-65; 2000m. 1972-01-01First ascentBill Denz, 1972.
Left side of the face. Ice fall danger.
Clit. Ice, NZ5; Sco Sco III; 1800m. 1970-01-01First ascentJohn Glasgow & Peter Cough, 1970.
On the buttress in the middle of the face. Ice fall danger.
Northeast face
Linda glacier. Ice, NZ3/3+/AD; 40-45; 1700m 15-18 . 1912-01-01First ascentJack Clarke, Jim Murphy, Hugh Chambers, & Hugh Wright, 1912.
Normal route. Linda Glacier route is the easiest way to the summit. The route ascends Linda glacier between Zurbriggen's and the North Ridges. It skirts beneath ice cliffs known as the "Gun barrels" (and joins Zurbriggen's ridge at the last band of rock known as the summit rocks (crux). The route sports over 3000 vertical metres from the road end. It has significant objective hazards, i.e. several corridors of ice avalanches have to be negotiated. Same route. .
East Ridge. Mixed, NZ4/D; 1550m. 1938-01-01First ascentDan Bryant & Lud Mahan, 1938-01.
Popular technical route on snow, ice and rock. Leads from the Grand Plateau via East Ridge up the Middle Peak (3717m), from where a traverse along summit ridge to high peak and down via Linda Glacier route.
North Ridge. Mixed, NZ4-/D-; 1700m. 1894-12-25First ascentGeorge Graham, Jack Clark & Tom Fyfe, 1894-12-25.
From Plateau Hut (2200m) along Linda glacier to the Green's Saddle (3348m) between Mount Dampier (3409m) on the north and High Peak of Mount Cook on the south. From the saddle difficult climb along north ridge (loose rock) to summit. It is also possible to climb from Hooker valley to Green saddle.
Zurbriggen's Ridge. Ice/mixed, NZ3+/AD+; 50-55; 1200m. 1895-01-01First ascentEdward Fitzgerald & Mattias Zurbriggen, 1895.
The rocky main NE ridge leading from Tasman Glacier to the high peak. Starting point is Plateau Hut. The first solo ascent of Mt Cook was made via this route.
Nazomi (Nazon)-43.62195170.143272925
Nazomi, ,
First ascent
Harry Birley
Mount Pibrac-43.63204170.146082541
Mount Pibrac, ,
First ascent
Harold (Ned) Porter, Clive Barker, Hugh Chambers
Mount Turner2338
Mount Turner, ,
First ascent
LK Wilson, HW Cormack
Ball Pass2121
Popular pass providing access from
Mount Kinsey-43.68049170.135722083
Mount Kinsey, ,
First ascent
Doug Dick, E.W. Hullett, Harry Stevenson
Mount Wakefield-43.69271170.124192058
Peak located at the end of Mount Cook ridge between Hooker and Tasman valleys.
Mount Wakefield, ,
First ascent
Ebenezer Teichelmann (fr), Peter Graham, Jack Clarke
Green's Saddle
Pass separating Mouynt Cook ridge from Main divide between Mount Cook and Mount Dampier. Can be reached both from Hooker valley and Grand Plkateau (Tasman valley).
Main Divide
Pioneer Pass - Mount Vancouver
Mount Tasman-43.565833333170.157222223497
  • Mount Tasman (3497m-43.565833333170.15722222)
  • Silberhorn (3303m)
The second highest mountain in New Zealand. All routes long and climbing is quite demanding even on the easiest routes. Several classic lines, Silberhorn Arete, routes on Balfour face and Torres-Tasman traverse, New Zealands premier ridge traverse.
Mount Tasman, ,
Dan Bryant & Rod Syme Bill McLeod
Mount Tasman, ,
First ascent
Alex Graham, Henry Newton & R.J.Low
Mount Tasman, Original,
First ascent
Original: Bill Denz & Bryan Pooley
Mount Tasman, Mists of Avalon,
First ascent
Mists of Avalon: Dignan & Fantini
Mount Tasman, Surreal Insomnia,
First ascent
Surreal Insomnia: Guy Cotter & Mark Sedon
Balfour face (SW face)
Original. Ice, NZ6; IV/WI4; 600m. 1971-12-01First ascentBill Denz & Bryan Pooley, 1971-12.
Classic. Classic ice climb in the center of SW Face.
Surreal Insomnia. Ice, VI/WI6+; 600m. 2003-01-01First ascentGuy Cotter & Mark Sedon, 2003.
Mists of Avalon. Ice, NZ6/VI; 600m 13 . 1986-01-01First ascentDignan & Fantini, 1986.
Reportedly harder than the original route.
North side
North shoulder. Ice, NZ3+; 1200m 15-18h .
Normal route. The easiest route on Mount Tasman, more technical than Linda glacier route on Mount Cook though. Not as frequented as Silberhorn arete. Starts from Pioneer Hut following Albert Glacier to Marcel Col (2987m) between Mount Lendenfield (3194m) on the west and Mount Haast (3114m) and Mount Dixon (3004m) on the east. From the col traverse Mount Lendenfeld and descend to Engineer Col (3093m) and ascends steep the North Shoulder of Mount Tasman.
Torres-Tasman traverse. NZ5; 1200m 2 days .
Classic. New Zealand's premier ridge traverse, varied climbing on an aesthetically beautiful ridge. Starting from Pioneer Hut the route traverses the Fox Neve to Katies Col on NW of Tasman, then ascends Mt. Torres (3165m) via the West Ridge. From the summit of Torres a mixed exposed ridge is followed to the Torres/Tasman Col where a bivouac is normally necessary. From the col a gradually broadening ice arete leads to the summit of Mt Tasman. Descent is via the North Shoulder of Tasman back to Pioneer Hut.
Silberhorn Arete. Ice, NZ3+/4/AD+/D; 70; 1100m 16-20 if pitched .
Classic. Classic ice route from Plateau Hut, most climbed route on Tasman. Technically more advanced than the North Shoulder route and regarded as one of New Zealand's finest climbs. From Grand Plateau via Silberhorn Ridge to Silberhorn peak south of Tasman (steep and exposed snow/ice, NZ 3). From Silberhorn traverse to Tasman. Ice up to 70 degrees.
Syme Ridge. Ice, NZ3/3+. 1930-01-01First ascentDan Bryant & Rod Syme, 1930.
Mount Vancouver-43.585170.1416673309
Mount Vancouver, ,
First ascent
Archie Scott, Christopher Johnson, Scott Russell
Silberhorn, ,
First ascent
Scott Gilkison, Roland Rodda, Harry Stevenson, Rod Williams, Max Willis
Lendenfeld Peak (Mount Lendenfeld)-43.560142170.1694533194
Climbed as part of the North Shoulder route of Mount Tasman.
Lendenfeld Peak, ,
First ascent
Lindsay Crozier, Jim Crozier, Bruce Gillies, Selwyn Grave
Mount Graham-43.57338170.150623184
Mount Graham, ,
First ascent
Scott Gilkison, Ernie Presland, Harry Stevenson
Torres Peak-43.54012614170.34540683160
Located on a side branch reaching NW from Mount Tasman. Mostly climbed as part of classic Torres-Tasman traverse.
Torres Peak, ,
First ascent
Jim Dawson, Jim Gilkison, Scott Gilkison, Christopher Johnson
Mount Teichelmann-43.573644170.1466823144
Mount Teichelmann, ,
First ascent
Samuel Turner, Cyril Turner
Mount Haast-42.316667172.0833333140
  • High Peak (3140m-42.316667172.083333)
  • Middle Peak (3085m)
  • West Peak (3081m)
Mount Haast, ,
First ascent
Marjorie Edgar-Jones, Gladys Acton-Adams, Frank Alack, Tom Christie
South side
West side
Magellan (Mount Magellan)-43.57095170.142183049
Located on a side branch reaching NW from Mount Teichelmann
Magellan, ,
First ascent
Marie Byles, Marjorie Edgar-Jones, Harry Ayres, Frank Alack
West face
Balfour buttress. NZ4+; 15/5.7+; 450m.
"Exum ridge of Mount Cook area.".
Malaspina, ,
First ascent
C.Bentham, Cyril Turner, Samuel Turner
Mount Dixon-43.564278170.1815283004
Located on a small side ridge of the Main Divide, running to the south from Mount Haast.
Mount Dixon, ,
First ascent
Nehemiah McRae and two others
East side
East ridge. NZ2+; 900m.
Drake (Mount Drake)-43.56965170.138682960
Located on a side branch reaching NW from Mount Teichelmann
Drake, ,
First ascent
T H S Fyfe and I E Rawnsley
North face
400m high north face has several very difficult rock climbs.
  • La Perouse glacier
Samurai. Rock, NZ7-; 23/5.11c; 400m.
Pelican. Rock, NZ6+; 5.10b/c; 400m.
Shogun. Rock, NZ5+; 15/5.8; 400m.
Mount Dampier - Footstool
Mount Dampier (Rakiroa)-43.583333170.133333440
Located between Mount Hicks and High Peak of Mount Cook, separated from the latter by Green Saddle.
Mount Dampier, South Ridge,
First ascent
South Ridge: Freda du Four &Peter Graham
South side
South Ridge. NZ3. 1912-03-01First ascentFreda du Four &Peter Graham, 1912-03.
From Linda Glacier via Green Saddle and steep rotten ridge. Also possible via rib on the right of Green Saddle. Possibly the best descent on the mountain.
Mount Hicks-43.587734170.128823198
South Face has a number on steep ice routes. North Face has several rock routes between NZ grades 4 - 6+ (crux AUS 14-20).
Mount Hicks, ,
Graeme Dingle & Murray Jones Bill McLeod
Mount Hicks, ,
First ascent
Alex Graham, Henry Newton & R.J.Low
Mount Hicks, Curtain route,
First ascent
Curtain route: George Lowe & Geof Milne
Mount Hicks, Gunbarrels,
First ascent
Gunbarrels: Bill Denz, Phil Herran & Murray Judge
Mount Hicks, Yankee-Kiwi Couloir,
First ascent
Yankee-Kiwi Couloir: Nick Gradock & Tobin Sorensen
Mount Hicks, New Gunbarrels,
First ascent
New Gunbarrels: John Clarke, Mike Brown, Matt Quirke & Kester Brown
South Face
700m high South Face has a number on steep ice routes
  • Empress hut (Hooker valley)
Gunbarrels. Ice, NZ6; 700 . 1975-06-01First ascentBill Denz, Phil Herran & Murray Judge, 1975-06.
Route is destroyed. Classic ice route through central gullies of the leftern part of South Face. Two first pitches of the original route have fallen off in 1999.
New Gunbarrels. Ice, NZ6; 5-; 700 . 1999-11-01First ascentJohn Clarke, Mike Brown, Matt Quirke & Kester Brown, 1999-11.
Classic. Classic ice route through central gullies of the leftern part of South Face. Two first pitches of the original route have fallen off in 1999.
Yankee-Kiwi Couloir. Ice, NZ6+; 700 . 1979-08-01First ascentNick Gradock & Tobin Sorensen, 1979-08.
Classic ice climb on South face, located between Gunbarrels and Left Buttress.
Left Buttress Regular route. Rock, NZ5+; 14/15/5.9+; 700 . 1970-12-01First ascentGraeme Dingle & Murray Jones, 1970-12.
Classic mixed route on the prominent buttress in the middle of South face.
Dingle-button. NZ4-; 700 .
West Ridge
Curtain route. NZ3. 1949-01-01First ascentGeorge Lowe & Geof Milne, 1949-01.
Normal route. From Harper Saddle (Harper Saddle (2585m, NZ 3-) diagonally to the gap in West Ridge, then along the ridge and couloir to the summit.
North face
Central Buttress. Rock, NZ6; 5.7+.
Rock route from La Perouse Glacier.
La Perouse-43.601388889170.092222223078
South ridge
East face
Mount Jellicoe-43.59345170.104742827
Mount Jellicoe, ,
First ascent
A J Scott, Alf Brustad, Russell Fraser,
Mount Sturdee-43.58935170.11542708
Mount Sturdee, ,
First ascent
Will A. Kennedy, Jack Lipp
Dilemma Peak (Mount Dilemma)-43.625277778170.089166672602
Dilemma Peak, ,
First ascent
Conrad Kain, H. Otto Frind
Strauchon face
Direct. Rock, NZ5; 15/5.8; 27 pitches.
Classic. Longest rock climb in Australasia.
Harper Saddle2585
East side
West side
Mount Beatrice-43.62568170.09322528
Mount Beatrice, ,
First ascent
Will Kennedy, Jack Lippe
Mount Madonna-43.66056170.08962265
Mount Madonna, ,
First ascent
Edgar Williams and William Kennedy
Edith Peak-43.63932170.101652248
Edith Peak, ,
First ascent
Jim Dennistoun, Laurence Earle, Jack Clarke
Baker Saddle2192
East side
West side
Copland Pass2150
Immediately behind Hooker hut.
East side
West side
Footstool - Mount Spence
Mount Sefton (Takiroa)-43.6825170.042222223151
Highest peak climbable from Mueller glacier. Several routes between grades NZ 3+ and 5.
Mount Sefton, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, Henrik Sillem
West side
The easiest climbs of Mount Sefton (2+). Access is long from West coast through Scott Creek.
  • Copland valley
West Ridge. NZ2+; 500m from the bivouac.
South side
Highest peak climbable from Mueller glacier. Several routes between grades NZ 3+ and 5.
  • Mueller glacier
North side
North ridge. NZ3+; 2000m.
Mount Footstool-44.64449167.874652764
Mount Footstool, ,
First ascent
Jack Clarke, C L Barrow, Edward FitzGerald, Matthias Zurbriggen
Vampire Peak-43.74157169.996352645
SE face
Host of difficult routes between grades NZ 4+ and 6-.
  • Mueller glacier
Mount Thompson2642
Mount Thompson, ,
First ascent
Norman Hardie
Malte Brun
Malte Brun-43.562222222170.3053199
Classic peak located opposite of Mount Cook on the east side of Tasman glacier. There are both rock and mixed routes and the rock is better than on most other mountains.
Malte Brun, ,
First ascent
Anna and Robert von Lendenfeld, Harry Dew
Malte Brun, West Ridge,
First ascent
West Ridge: Hugh Chambers & Jack Clarke
Malte Brun, North face,
First ascent
North face: A.C. Rattray & J.C. Stamers-Smith
Malte Brun, Fyfe's Couloir,
First ascent
Fyfe's Couloir: F.McMahon, A Simpson & R.Yates
North face
North face. Rock, NZ3+; 14; 2400m. 1958-12-01First ascentA.C. Rattray & J.C. Stamers-Smith, 1958-12.
Rock route along direct line to summit.
North ridge. Rock, NZ3-4; 2400m.
West face
West Ridge. Rock, NZ3; 14; 2400m. 1912-12-01First ascentHugh Chambers & Jack Clarke, 1912-12.
Normal route, classic. Classic ascent, predominantly a rock climb but involves a traverse across the classic 'cheval' part of the ridge to the final summit slopes.
Fyfe's Couloir. NZ3. 1964-12-01First ascentF.McMahon, A Simpson & R.Yates, 1964-12.
From Bonney Glacier. Fast descent route but a natural funnel for rock fall and avalanches.
South face
South Face. Ice, NZ4; 700m.
Ice route with only one or two steep pitches.
Mount Hamilton-43.554444444170.329444443025
Mount Hamilton, ,
First ascent
Hugh F. Wright and Jim P. Murphy
Mount Chudleigh-43.587222222170.278611112966
Mount Chudleigh, ,
First ascent
Evan Wilson, Andy Anderson, Doug Brough, Stan Barnett
Haeckel Peak-43.54012614170.34540682965
Haeckel Peak, ,
First ascent
Samuel Turner, Peter Graham, Frank Milne
Mount Darwin-43.52705170.33982952
Mount Darwin, ,
First ascent
Roger Chester, Alan Willis, Bill Mirams
Aiguilles Rouges-43.57751170.291732950
Aiguilles Rouges, ,
First ascent
Selwyn Grave, E.A. Hogg, Edgar Williams
Mount Annan-43.52684170.348072934
Mount Annan, ,
First ascent
H W (Sandy) Cormack, Lloyd Wilson
Main Divide
Pioneer Pass - Elie de Beaumont
Fritz Range
Mount Barnicoat-43.52619170.209162800
Moonshine Buttress. NZ4+; 5.9; 9 pitches.
Mount Mallory-43.52431170.20572756
Mount Mallory, ,
First ascent
Freda Du Faur, Peter Graham
South face
The Thing. NZ4+; 7 pitches.
Mount Elie de Beaumont-43.481666667170.328055563109
  • main (3109m-43.481666667170.32805556)
  • west (3059m)
Northernmost 3000m peak of New Zealand, located at the head of the Tasman Glacier.
Mount Elie de Beaumont, ,
First ascent
Tom Fyfe
Mount Elie de Beaumont, Anna glacier,
First ascent
Anna glacier: Peter Graham & Henrick Sillem
Mount Elie de Beaumont, West Peak, traverse from East Peak,
First ascent
West Peak, traverse from East Peak: Mick Bowie & Colin Wyatt
Mount Elie de Beaumont, SE ridge,
First ascent
SE ridge: Mark Davidson, Rod Hewitt & Priestly Thompson
South side
Anna glacier. Glacier, NZ2+. 1906-02-01First ascentPeter Graham & Henrick Sillem, 1906-02.
Normal route. From upper Tasman valley to the col between Mount Walter and Elie de Beaumont, from there along easy snow ridge to summit.
SE ridge. NZ3. 1954-01-01First ascentMark Davidson, Rod Hewitt & Priestly Thompson, 1954-01.
From Lendenfield saddle along sharp and undulating ridge to upper Anna Plateau and further to the summit.
West Peak, traverse from East Peak. NZ3+. 1936-07-01First ascentMick Bowie & Colin Wyatt, 1936-07.
Sharp and very exposed ridge.
Douglas Peak-43.541666667170.20253077
Douglas Peak, Pioneer ridge,
First ascent
Pioneer ridge: Alex Graham, Henry Newton & Ebenezer Teichelman
Douglas Peak, ,
First ascent
Laurence M Earle, Bernard Head, Jack Clarke, Peter Graham
Douglas Peak, Left couloir,
First ascent
Left couloir: Bill Denz & Chris Timms
Douglas Peak, Central couloir,
First ascent
Central couloir: Nick Cradock, John Dovie, Colin Dodge, Rolland Logan & William Trengrove
North side
Pioneer ridge. NZ3+; 700m. 1907-01-01First ascentAlex Graham, Henry Newton & Ebenezer Teichelman, 1907-01.
Long ridge leading from Pioneer hut to the summit. Crux is steep rock wall near the summit.
North ridge. NZ3-.
Normal route. The easiest route. From Explorer glacier via Douglas col and north ridge.
South side
Classic 500m high ice face with several routes and variations.
  • From Pioneer hut, 1h through Fox glacier
Left couloir. Ice, NZ5-; 500m. 1968-12-01First ascentBill Denz & Chris Timms, 1968-12.
Central couloir. Ice, NZ5+; 500m. 1977-08-01First ascentNick Cradock, John Dovie, Colin Dodge, Rolland Logan & William Trengrove, 1977-08.
Classic. Classic ice route.
Mount Haidinger-43.55170.23070
Mount Haidinger, ,
First ascent
T.C Fyfe & M. Ross
Mount Haidinger, Right buttress,
First ascent
Right buttress: Graeme Dingle, Peter Gough, George Harris, Murray Jones & J.Andrews
Mount Haidinger, Left buttress,
First ascent
Left buttress: Jim Jolly & John Stanton
West face
Left buttress. Mixed/rock, NZ3+; 10/5.1, 40°; 700m. 1969-12-01First ascentJim Jolly & John Stanton, 1969-12.
200m of scrambling followed by 40 degree snow slopes and final exit gullies to south summit.
Right buttress. Mixed/rock, NZ4-; 12/5.6, 40°; 700m. 1967-12-01First ascentGraeme Dingle, Peter Gough, George Harris, Murray Jones & J.Andrews, 1967-12.
200m of scrambling followed by 40 degree snow slopes and final exit gullies to south summit.
West ridge. NZ3.
Normal route. Along the neve to summit.
Mount Walters2905
Mount Walters, ,
First ascent
Jack Clarke, Tom Fyfe, George Graham
Sibbald Range
Mount D'Archiac-43.465170.581666672875
Mount D'Archiac, ,
First ascent
Harold (Ned) Porter, Hugh Chambers, Clive Barker
Mount Sibbald-43.551666667170.554722222811
Mount Sibbald, ,
First ascent
Rex Booth, Reg Winn
Mount Forbes-43.495277778170.587777782583
Mount Forbes, ,
First ascent
Frank Wright and J R Simpson
McClure Peak-43.431666667170.615555562486
McClure Peak, ,
First ascent
William A Kennedy, Jack Lippe
Liebig Range
Gamack Range
Mount William Grant-43.704444444170.321388892556
Hells Gates-43.747222222170.35752459
Mount Acland-43.518333333170.443888892562
Moffat Group
Mount Mannering-43.486666667170.411111112669
Mount Mannering, ,
First ascent
Alexander, Fowler, Neville, Moore
Brodrick Peak-43.498333333170.394166672669
Brodrick Peak, ,
First ascent
John D. Pascoe, Gavin Malcolmson, Priestley Thomson
Mount Moffat-43.461388889170.455555562638
Mount Moffat, ,
First ascent
James Ingram
Mount Loughnan-43.434166667170.475555562590
Mount Loughnan, ,
First ascent
J Shanks, D A Carty, H Smith, L Dumbleton
Ben Ohau Range
Sealy Range
Mount Sealy-43.764722222170.045555562627
Mount Sealy, ,
First ascent
Tom Fyfe, Conrad Kain
SW face
SW face. NZ1; 830m.
North Face
North Face. NZ2.
Mount Darby-43.7636170.015922531
Mount Darby, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, Hugh Chambers, Dorothy Holdsworth
Mount Jean-43.76702170.031062519
Mount Jean, ,
First ascent
Jack Clarke, J E Walker, Hugh Wright
Mount Marie-43.76763170.019112504
Mount Marie, ,
First ascent
Konrad Kain, E Hamlyn, E Day
Mount Annette-43.75126170.062012235
Mount Annette, ,
First ascent
Jack Clarke, Edward FitzGerald, Matthias Zurbriggen
The last peak of Sealy range, located to the south of Mueller hut.
Barron Saddle1992
Barron Saddle is located in upper Mueller glacier between Scissors and Mount Spence.

Barron Saddle to Mt Brewster

Stachan Range
Mount Dechen-43.796944444169.755555562643
Mount Dechen, ,
First ascent
E Sealy, I Johnson, David Lewis, J T Holloway
Mount Strachan-43.7775169.791388892561
Mount Strachan, ,
First ascent
Edward FitzGerald, Matthias Zurbriggen
Solution Range
Mount Hooker-43.830833333169.674166672640
Mount Hooker, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, J Milne, Julian Grande
Young Range
Mount Brewster-44.065555556169.452516
Mount Brewster, ,
First ascent
B. Head, A. and P. Graham, Darby Thomson, L. Earle, J. Clarke
Huxley Range
Mount Huxley-44.070833333169.678611112505
Mount Huxley, ,
First ascent
Tom Fyfe, Malcolm Ross
Soloist Peak-44.039722222169.700555562414
Soloist Peak, ,
First ascent
C S Brockett, S J Harris, N D Dench, N Feierabend
Hooker Range
Fettes Peak-43.750833333169.872451
Mount Hopkins-43.790833333169.963333332678
Mount Hopkins, ,
First ascent
Tom Fyfe, George Graham
Mount Percy Smith-43.823333333169.893055562465
Mount Percy Smith, ,
First ascent
Samuel Turner and Conrad Kain
Mount Jackson-43.8925169.793333332434
Barron Saddle1992
Barron Saddle is located in upper Mueller glacier between Scissors and Mount Spence.

Aspiring NP

Mount Aspiring (Tititea)-44.384166667168.728055563033
Located some 150 km south of Mount Cook, Mount Aspiring is a classic pyramid shaped peak, sometimes referred to as the Matterhorn of the Southern Alps.
Mount Aspiring, The Ramp,
First ascent
The Ramp:
Mount Aspiring, Shipowners Ridge,
First ascent
Shipowners Ridge:
Mount Aspiring, ,
First ascent
Clarke, Head, Graham
Mount Aspiring, SW Ridge,
First ascent
SW Ridge: Harry Stevenson, Doug Dick & David Lewis
  • Bishop Graham: The Mount Aspiring Region. New Zealand Alpine Club.
North side
There are two variations in the lower section of NW ridge; "The Ramp" on snow/ice (40-50°) and "Shipowners Ridge" (moderate mixed climbing).
  • Colin Todd Hut (1220m)
The Ramp (Northwest Ridge). Snow/ice, NZ2+/3/IV D; ; 1800m, 10-12. 1900-01-01Mount Aspiring, The Ramp, First ascent .
Shipowners Ridge (Northwest Ridge). Snow/ice, NZ2+/3; 1800m, 10-12. 1900-01-01Mount Aspiring, Shipowners Ridge, First ascent .
SW side
SW Ridge. Snow/ice, NZ3+/nccs III 60-65; 60-65°/Sco III/IV; 800m, 14-16h. 1936-12-01First ascentHarry Stevenson, Doug Dick & David Lewis, 1936-12.
Classic. More difficult than the Northwest route. Long arete that finishes with steep gully (2 pitches) followed by two pitch ice face.
South Face & Coxcombe Ridge. NZ4.
Pope's Nose-44.39133168.746092700
Pope's Nose, ,
First ascent
E Miller, J S Shanks, G B Thomas, A J Scott, W Young & J Dumbleton
Rob Roy Peak-44.451388889168.72252644
Mount Avalanche-44.421944444168.741111112606
Mount Avalanche, ,
First ascent
Russell and Gordon Edwards, Ernie Smith, and Doug Knowles
Pastness Peak2383
Pastness Peak, ,
First ascent
C C Benzoni, L W Divers, R R & G L Edwards & D C Peters
Mount French-44.411099168.7160112356
Glengyle Peak-44.46676168.704992283
Glengyle Peak, ,
First ascent
Bernard Head, Jack Clarke and Colin Ferrier
Rolling Pin-44.36369168.708962249
Rolling Pin, ,
First ascent
Doug Knowles, Russell R. and Gordon L. Edwards
Forbes Range
Earnslaw massif
Mount Earnslaw (Pikirakatahi)-44.622222222168.410555562830
Highest peak in the Forbes range.
Mount Earnslaw, ,
First ascent
Harry Birley
    North side
    NW Ridge. NZ2.
    Normal route. Through main gully and NW ridge.
    West side
    West Face. NZ4.
Sir William Peak-44.592222222168.404444442610
Sir William Peak, ,
First ascent
Conrad Kain, H. Otto Frind
Mount Head-44.556388889168.429722222585
Mount Head, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, Mick Collett, Dr Mackay,
O'Leary Peak-44.6125168.412570
O'Leary Peak, ,
First ascent
Jack Clarke, C J Bainbridge, W G Tennant
Barrier Range
Mount Maori-44.436111111168.610555562535
Mount Maori, ,
First ascent
Harry Birley
Mount Lydia-44.465555556168.506111112517
Mount Lydia, ,
First ascent
Jock A. Sim, V.J. Leader, Ken Grinling
Mount Ian-44.485277778168.476666672502
Mount Ian, ,
First ascent
Hugh Francis Wright
Climax Peak-44.456666667168.365277782446
Climax Peak, ,
First ascent
Leo P. Mangos, G.W. Goodyear, P. Child
Drake Range
Mount Pollux-44.232222222168.873611112536
Mount Pollux, ,
First ascent
Hugh F. Wright and J. Robertson
Mount Castor-44.221111111168.883888892518
Mount Castor, ,
First ascent
Samuel Turner and Peter Graham
Farrar Peak-44.24438168.841552280
Farrar Peak, ,
First ascent
Alf Cowling, Samuel Turner
Ragan Peak (Mount Ragan)-44.26128168.853182254
Ragan Peak, ,
First ascent
G. M. Moir, W. G. Grave, K. Roberts, R. S. M. Sinclair, H. Slater
Richardson Mountains
Centaur Peaks E-44.635277778168.5752525
Centaur Peaks E, ,
First ascent
Conrad Kain, H. Otto Frind
Mount Ferguson-44.660277778168.551944442480
Mount Ferguson, ,
First ascent
Conrad Kain, H. Otto Frind
Mount Allan Dick (Pt 2413)-44.720277778168.553333332413
Mount Allan Dick, ,
First ascent
Neville Barker, Duncan Hall
Forbes range
Mount Tyndall-44.53168.640277782496
Mount Tyndall, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, Henry Newton, Ebenezer Teichelmann
Huxley Range
Mount Huxley-44.070833333169.678611112505
Mount Huxley, ,
First ascent
Tom Fyfe, Malcolm Ross
Soloist Peak-44.039722222169.700555562414
Soloist Peak, ,
First ascent
C S Brockett, S J Harris, N D Dench, N Feierabend

Arthur's Pass

Shaller Range
Mount Murchison-43.003888889171.376944442408
Mount Murchison, ,
First ascent
Charles Ward, Arthur Talbot
Mount Rolleston-42.911456171.5122982275
    Goldney Ridge. NZ1+; 1350m.
    Traverse from Mt. Philistine. NZ2.
    Otira face
    Central Direct. NZ2+; 900m.
Dun Fiunary-43.945277778170.021111112500
Dun Fiunary, ,
First ascent
Peter Graham, Henrik Sillem
The South Thumb-43.593055556170.726944442546
The South Thumb, ,
First ascent
Charles K. Ward and Arthur E. Talbot
Pt 2444-43.701111111170.357777782444
Pt 2444, ,
First ascent
Bob Clark-Hall, J L (Pat) Clark-Hall
Pt 2428-43.835833333170.033611112428
Pt 2428, ,
First ascent
Bryan Barrer, Frank Askin

Kaikoura Ranges

Seaward Kaikouras

Manakau, ,
First ascent
Ernie Smith, Monty McClymont, Cedric Benzoni, Bob Fullerton, George Palmer, Don Divers, Russell & George Edwards, Gordon Edward
Tarahaka, ,
First ascent
Dennis Leigh, Bill Walker & Jock Sim

Inland Kaikouras

Tapuae-o-Uenuku, ,
First ascent
George Beetham, Joseph Maxwell
Mount Alarm-42.009444444173.63752877
Mount Alarm, ,
First ascent
Ernst Dieffenbach & James Heberly
Mitre Peak-42.004722222173.609444442621
Mount Symons-42.033333333173.569722222408
Mount Symons, ,
First ascent
Bernard Head, Jack Clarke, Peter Graham

Fiordland Ranges

Darran Mountains

Mount Talbot Massif
Mount Talbot-44.75086167.997542105
    Sabre Peak-44.74725168.052522162
      Mount Tutoko-44.594444444168.01252723
      Tutoko is the highest peak in the Darran mountains of Fiordland National Park, in southwest of New Zealand's South Island. Two slightly lower summits lie just to the south of the main peak.
        South side
        SE Ridge. NZ3+; 14; 1500 .
        South Face. NZ4.
        North side
        NW Buttress. NZ3+; 14/5.7. 1924-01-01First ascentSamuel Turner & Peter Graham, 1924.
        Normal route. Easier than SE Ridge.
      Mount Madeline-44.614166667168.045833332536
      Mount Madeline, ,
      First ascent
      Peter Graham, R S Low, Henry Newton, Ebenezer Teichelmann
        Mount Christina-44.793055556168.048333332474