East face of Mont Blanc massif. The statue in the foreground is the summit madonna of Tour Ronde. Credit: Ari Paulin,  Shot in Chamonix, Haute Savoie, France.(c) Ari Paulin, licensed under: Copyrighted.
East face of Mont Blanc massif. The statue in the foreground is the summit madonna of Tour Ronde. Credit: Ari Paulin, Shot in Chamonix, Haute Savoie, France.(c) Ari Paulin, licensed under: Copyrighted.

Traditionally 61 peaks have been counted as 4000ers in the Alps. This figure though depends a lot how you count as some of the peaks are not very independent at all. And there are also several more, arguably just as independent mountains as some included on the list. Since 1994 the official list of UIAA contains 82 'official' 4000ers, with the inclusion of a further 46 'lesser summits' in an enlarged list. With the prominence cut off set at 100m, the list would contain 52 peaks. Even 100m prominence is not a lot, in most other areas peaks with far more prominence are still not considered separate mountains. For example the list of 8000ers with 100m prominence cut off would have several more peaks than the official 14.

* Alpine grade of the normal route.
1.Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco)4808m (15,774')Mont Blanc45.837161452394956.872054211538559III PD; III PD/Sco I/40°, II
2.Dufourspitze (Punta Dufour)4634m (15,203')Pennine Alps45.923626558819347.845171229593738III AD-/G4; 3a/II+, mostly I, III/AI1/40°
3.Nordend4609m (15,121')Pennine Alps45.9419617.86977134AD/G3; 2a/II and I
4.Zumsteinspitze (Punta Zumstein)4563m (14,970')Pennine Alps45.93225427.8711617F/G2/Rus 1B; 40°
5.Signalkuppe (Punta Gnifetti)4556m (14,948')Pennine Alps45.92857.8786F/PD/G2/Rus 2A
6.Dom4545m (14,911')Pennine Alps46.058029478032747.853139899032471II PD; 40°, 2a/II
7.Lyskamm4527m (14,852')Pennine Alps45.932091444569097.84113906259807II PD/AD/G4/Rus 2B-3A; II, 40-45°
8.Weisshorn4506m (14,783')Pennine Alps46.087537258442637.727091969419075III AD/G5; III- (places), mostly II and I, 45°
9.Täschhorn4490m (14,731')Pennine Alps46.058029478032747.853139899032471II AD/G6; 3a/III, M2
10.Matterhorn (Monte Cervino)4478m (14,692')Pennine Alps45.988146507096327.662784757380834III AD-/G5/E4/NZ3+/4/nccs III; III,A0/3a
11.Mont Maudit4465m (14,649')Mont Blanc45.837161452394956.872054211538559PD+/AD-; 45°, avg.35°
12.Parrotspitze (Punta Parrot)4432m (14,541')Pennine Alps45.92004137.87169958
13.Dent Blanche4356m (14,291')Pennine Alps46.039162946654057.62117471822388IV AD/G5; III, 35°
14.Nadelhorn4327m (14,196')Pennine Alps46.111278907837077.821869919337042II PD; 2a/II, 45°
15.Corno Nero (Schwarzhorn)4321m (14,177')Pennine Alps45.91497567.86232455
16.Grand Combin4320m (14,173')AlpsIII PD; 45°, I
17.Ludwigshöhe (NaN')Pennine Alps45.91661337.86409641
18.Lenzspitze4294m (14,088')Pennine Alps46.10467.8685AD; 3c/III
19.Finsteraarhorn4274m (14,022')46.5372228.126111AD-/G3-4/Rus 2A; II and I, 35°
20.Mont Blanc du Tacul4248m (13,937')Mont Blanc45.837161452394956.872054211538559II/PD-/G2-3/Rus 2A; II/AI1/40°
21.Stecknadelhorn (NaN')Pennine Alps46.11147.8593
22.Castor (Punta Castore)4228m (13,871')Pennine Alps45.921016537537837.787391138638348II F+/PD;
23.Zinalrothorn4221m (13,848')Pennine Alps46.0648044999145 7.68991470336914III AD-/AD; 3b/III-, mostly II and I
24.Hochbärghorn4219m (13,842')Pennine Alps46.11237.8541
25.Vincent Pyramide4215m (13,829')Valais Alps45.90768317.86211899PD/Rus 1B; I, 35°
26.Grandes Jorasses4208m (13,806')Mont Blanc45.825329218673476.99875176913567IV AD-; IV/AD/45, 3c/III (occasionally), mostly II
27.Alphubel4206m (13,799')Valais Alps46.06358364714147.8641939163208II PD+/G3; 45°, II (50m)
28.Rimpfischhorn4199m (13,776')Valais Alps46.02339955487337.88419246673584II AD-; 45°, 2a/III
29.Aletschhorn4195m (13,763')46.4651247.993716II PD/PD+/G3; 40°, I-II on the final ridge
30.Strahlhorn4190m (13,747')Valais Alps46.01332661153977.90161609649658
31.Dent d'Hérens4171m (13,684')Valais Alps46.001275488051847.627036780076604PD+/AD-/G4; I-II
32.Balmenhorn (NaN')Valais Alps45.9137157.8579340
33.Breithorn (Lötschentaler Breithorn)3784m (12,415')46.4189447.893944PD-/G3-4
34.Bishorn4153m (13,625')Valais Alps46.11793008679727.71493434906006II F/G1-2; I on the summit ridge
35.Jungfrau4158m (13,642')Bernese Alps46.5387.9637G3-4/Rus 2B-3A/II AD; 55°, III
36.Aiguille Verte4122m (13,524')Mont Blanc45.912582320196666.973614137969184AD; sustained at II with passages of III
37.Aiguille Blanche (Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, Aiguille Blanche (de Peuterey))4112m (13,491')Mont Blanc45.82266.8842D+; IV, sustained at III and II, 55°
38.Mönch4099m (13,448')46.558497.9973II AD-/G3; II, 45°
39.Grande Rocheuse (NaN')Mont Blanc45.9345176.9727833
40.Barre des Écrins (Barre des Ecrins)4101m (13,455')Dauphine44.903759657128156.361126257266711PD+/G4; 40°, II, mostly I
41.Pollux (Punta Polluce)4092m (13,425')Valais Alps45.926424277955167.779665522266979II AD-/AD; 3a
42.Schreckhorn4078m (13,379')46.5891398.118536III AD+/G5; III+/IV-, 40°
43.Obergabelhorn4062m (13,327')Valais Alps46.0388664 7.66787427III AD; 4a/3c,A0/III,A0, 50°
44.Gran Paradiso4061m (13,323')Graian Alps45.52191739149087.292881694617242PD-/G2-3; 35°, II
45.Mont Brouillard (NaN')Mont Blanc45.8176036.8650390
46.Aiguille Bionassay (Aiguille du Bionassay, Aiguille de Bionassay)4052m (13,294')Mont Blanc45.808062079522776.830622962885424PD+; 45°, II
47.Piz Bernina4049m (13,284')Bernina46.413036073831119.928120293238363III PD/PD+; II, 35°
48.Gross Fiescherhorn4049m (13,284')46.5513558.061494PD/G3-4; II and I
49.Gross Grünhorn4044m (13,268')Bernese Alps46.5319448.0775II PD/G3-4; 40°, III- and II
50.Lauteraarhorn4042m (13,261')46.5833338.128056AD/AD+; avg. 40°, II+
51.Aiguille du Jardin (NaN')Mont Blanc45.9338896.975833
52.Dirruhorn (NaN')Valais Alps46.1197227.848056
53.Allalinhorn4027m (13,212')Valais Alps46.029944248410227.881616388371066F/E1; 40°
54.Hinter Fiescherhorn (NaN')Bernese Alps46.5463898.067778
55.Weissmies4023m (13,199')Valais Alps46.139724147633838.064792220862962III PD/E2; 45°
56.Dome de Rochefort (NaN')Mont Blanc45.825329218673476.99875176913567
57.Dent du Géant4013m (13,166')Mont Blanc45.86186.948III AD-/D (free); III,A0/5.7,A0/4c/V+
58.Punta Baretti (NaN')Mont Blanc45.8144446.863333
59.Lagginhorn4010m (13,156')Valais Alps46.156937383986458.075876355230355PD; 40°, 2a/II
60.Aiguille de Rochefort4001m (13,127')Mont Blanc45.86371571258986.95949554443359III AD/Rus 3B-4A; III/AI1°/45°, II and I
61.Les Droites4000m (13,123')Mont Blanc45.913075772510236.974397858284499III AD; III, mostly easier