"Life is brought down to the basics: if you are warm, regular, healthy, not thirsty or hungry, then you are not on a mountain... Climbing at altitude is like hitting your head against a brick wall - it's great when you stop."

Chris Darwin

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Chasing the Holy Grail: Winter Climbing's Glove Problem

Black Diamond Impulse is not marketred as skiing glove and thus not part of their ice climbing glove lineup. Yet it is their best glove for oice climbing, their real climbing gloves being too thick and too stiff due to excessive padding. Credit: Ari Paulin, (c) (c) 2010 Ari Paulin, licensed under: (c) 2010 Ari Paulin.

Finding a glove system that works for ice and alpine climbing is anything but straight-forward. No matter where you look, you can't seem to find a pair that does all things well, so generally multiple pairs is what you need.

For ice climbing, I tend to bring at least two pairs of relatively thin climbing gloves (the amount of insulation varies regarding the temperature but I generally never go thicker than BD Impulse or Outdoor Design Diablo) and a pair of mittens for belaying. I own several pairs of gloves with Gore inserts, none of which are waterproof. So I have virtually moved away from them, as Gore inserts usually don't hold water anyway and the inserts usually readily follow when taking the glove off. Which makes it virtually impossible to get them back on.

Kelly Cordes has a good article regarding the glove issue, which might give you good ideas. There appear to be several other entries regarding the very same issue.