"Life is brought down to the basics: if you are warm, regular, healthy, not thirsty or hungry, then you are not on a mountain... Climbing at altitude is like hitting your head against a brick wall - it's great when you stop."

Chris Darwin

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Mountain Film Database

While browsing for bluray release of Reel Rock 11 I somehow landed at Mountain Film Database. It is a very welcome service, as I have a lot of interest in climbing films and have few items in my collection for which next to no information can be obtained in regular movie databases such as The Movie Database and The Internet Movie Database. Those general purpose databases usually list better known and commercially releases films, but omit plenty of lesser known films.

I am not entirely sure whether the absence of these films is due to imdb acceptance criteria or some other reason, but the fact is that no trace of many smaller climbing films can not be found in imdb. The Movie database is maintained by its users (that is to say anyone who bothers to register), so pretty much anything could be listed there- However, this is not often the case. And in some of the cases, the information that should be entered is not readily available anyway. Ijn any case, at the age when small and relatively inexpensive gear is good enough to produce great image and the services like SteepEdge, Vimeo, Youtube make publishing and distribution of these films affordable, the number of available content has skyrocketed and sizeable chunk of it is not listed in those mainstream movie databases.

Available content aside, the service also seems to provide map-based search. This does not exist in mainstream databases as it would not be applicable to a lot of other types of movies. However, for the climbing-specific content, it is a very welcome feature.

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